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I will get a pupil to test standard as soon as possible, but it needs to be a joint effort between the pupil and the instructor; so the more effort that you put in will result in fewer lessons and cost!. However safety is paramount and there should be no shortcuts. This is where searching for solutions will help them drive more safely. The average pupil requires about 40 hours of tuition but where possible, additional hours of tuition with family members can bring you up to test standard sooner. Call to discuss the best package for you.


I also offer the Pass Plus; 6 modules - motorways, dual carriageways, night driving, country Ianes, all weather driving and town driving. This additional training gives you the opportunity to improve your existing driving skills; useful to have if you are planning a driving holiday at home or abroad, perhaps just after passing!. It could also reduce your insurance premium. Maybe you have not driven for a while, need to restore your confidence, have failed a test or just want help on a particular aspect of your driving, i.e reversing or roundabouts. If so please call 07896 947030 or e-mail see:-

My target....your success

Welcome to the Andrew Bennett Driving School website.  I offer driving lessons in Colchester, Clacton, Alresford, Elmstead Market, Thorrington and Brightlingsea.


I am a fully qualified A graded instructor and have completed a BTEC4 in Coaching for Driver Development which focuses on encouraging new drivers to search for solutions to driving problems during training and post test.


Driving is a life skill, it gives us the freedom to manage our busy lifestyles and is often required for us to get to our place of work. Every day we encounter changing road conditions and hazards, the volume of traffic continues to grow, so you need to be ready for any situation. This is why new drivers benefit from professional tuition to ensure they are made aware of recent changes and regulations.


Whats on offer

-   Professional Instructor

-   Various courses and times to suit you

-   Practical exams in Colchester & Clacton

-   All new subjects are supported with handouts

Tel No: 07896 947030

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