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Vicki Howard - Wivenhoe - 16 July 2018 


Having recently moved to the UK from the United States, I was nervous about driving on the "wrong" side of the road, as well as aprehensive about the diferent rules and driving customs here. Lessons with Andrew helped me become more comfortable driving in a new country. Andrew also helped me work on eliminating some bad driving habits I had picked up over the years. In the end I believe I am a safer driver, thanks to Andrew's thorough instruction.


Mili Ruiz - St Osyth - 20 June 2018


Andrew Bennett is a fantastic driving instructor. He took me from a total novice and nervous driver to a fully qualified driver. I passed my test first time, but more importantly he made sure I was ready to go on the roads on my own. Andrew is a very professional and thorough instructor, as well as friendly, relaxed and calm throughout the lessons, even when I put myself in tricky situations, he was always reassuring. I fully recommend Andrew Bennett driving school.


Andrew Shields - Wivenhoe - 12 Jun 2018


Andrew is a methodical, calm and patient instructor who helped get me to a level where driving felt natural. His teaching style ensured any gaps of knowledge I was not sure about were filled prior to my test. He also made sure I knew the why of what I was doing. I was well prepared for my test and for driving solo after.


Maria Makris - Wivenhoe - 9 Mar 2018


Lessons with Andrew were always really productive as he always make sure that any worries I had were addressed before moving onto the next thing. His patience and expertise ensured that I got to where I had to be in good time without rushing. His teaching technique meant that I felt confident in myself after every lesson. I'm glad I had my driving lessons with Andrew.


Clemmie Knight - Ardleigh - Feb 2018


Andrew was a precise and confidence giving driving instructor. He makes you feel at ease driving and never rushed you, always making sure you felt ready to move forward. Every detail was thoroughly covered and always reminded you to make sure you knew every last aspect before your test, so you went into it feeling less nervous and confident driving by yourself.